Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What parts can you help me with?

A:  We can help you with gm Chevrolet, Buick, kia Subaru, and ford.

Q:  Where do you ship and deliver?

A:  We will ship anywhere and deliver to most of Utah.  For questions about Utah locations call 801-544-1835

Q:  What do I need for a key code?

A:  Proof of ownership and picture id required. 

Q:  Are ice melt and snow rakes are available.

A:  Yes!

Q:  What information is needed to order an instrument cluster?

A:  We need the part number off of the back of the cluster, the complete VIN, current mileage, and a description of the complaint. The new cluster typically arrives overnight. As soon as you are finished with the repair, let us know and we will collect the faulty cluster core.


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